Department of Geology


  1. Online Seminar Competetion On the occassion of "International Mountain Day".

  2. Field Photo Competetion on the occassion of "National Science Day-2022".

  3. Guest Lecture on the occassion of "World Water Day-2022".

  4. Field Excursion on the occassion of "International Geologist Day-2022".

  5. Guest Lecture on the eve of "Earth Day-2022".

Upcoming events will be posted here...

Sr. No



 1  Short Field Excursion 

 2  International Mountain Day 

 3  Internship at Urdhvam 

 4  World water Day 

 5  Webinar on Career in Geology  

 6  National Science Day 

 7  National Remote Sensing Day 

 8  Field Excursion - Lonar Lake, Ankai Fort 

 9  Bridge Course 

 10  Earth Science Week