Strategic Plan

Along with the goals and objectives of our parent body, the Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati, our college has its own goals and objectives as:
1) To create, widen and strengthen the interaction among the students, teaching community, scientists and the industries, and to serve the community through coordinated research and hardwork.
2) To create and nurture scientific temper among students.
3) To create among students a desire for consistent research and acumen.
4) To deliver sustained, high quality education in the most congenial manner.
5) To prepare students for fostering global competency.
6) To promot use of ICT in every area of education.
7) To bring about PPP (Public-Private Participation) for the growth of the emerging sciences.
8) To inculcate creativity, leadership qualities, moral values and enterprise among students.
9) To make students aware about how to manage knowledge collectively and work in multidisciplinary team.
10) To generate among students a multi-disciplinary perspective, knowledge management skills, and the team-work.
11) To help the students to evolve into sensitive, enlightened citizens to participate in National development.

Sr.No Strategic Plan
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1 Revised Perspective Plan 2023 - 2028
2 Perspective Plan 2021 - 2026
3 Perspective plan 2016 - 2020 and Deployment Document