Principal Desk

From the chair of the administrative head of one of the finest centers of science education, I extend a warm welcome to all our patrons, stake holders, teachers, well-wishers and students. Science has been the basis of all life and the pursuit of scientific knowledge has become an urgent need of the hour.
In a dazzling display of scientific excellence our space scientists have brought laurels to the nation by successfully launching ‘Mangalyan’ onto the orbit of Mars. The country as a whole is striding towards the position of becoming a super power in the near future with its mighty potential for scientific advancements. All of us here at this center of scientific learning feel very proud over the national achievement as we are aware of the fact that our students of today are the scientists of tomorrow.
Ours is a proud and premier institution in the region having been recognized as a "College with a Potential for Excellence" by the University Grants Commission. We have emerged with flying colors in the NAAC assessments carried out thrice, the first in 2001 with a Four Star Gradation and the second in 2008 with an 'A' Grade (Very Good) earning a CGPA score of 3.10. The third NAAC cycle with high expectation has been carried out in Nov.-2015. Finally our efforts has rewarded and we got A grade with CGPA 3.13 in third cycle of accreditation. With high hopes all of us at present are engaged in the preparations to undergo the 4th Cycle of the NAAC assessment in the near future.
While striving to inculcate the scientific temper amongst our students we need to cater to their urge for scientific inquiry by way of research. This is an age of computers with an overwhelming explosion of information and knowledge. Internet proves to be an unfathomable ocean of information which calls for a prudent approach and sagacious handling. In an effort to shape the scientific minds we need to swim against the currents of global competition.
Started by a great visionary, Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh, this torrent of learning was just a trickle to begin with; all the same, we have been fortunate enough to have a supportive parent society, which has helped us to build a strong foundational infrastructure and an enviable reputation. Our aim is to create an ambience for achieving excellence in science education with the most modern technologies and state-of-the-art laboratory and library facilities. We are in a way chasing our dreams armed with the scientific tools and a temperament to match, in order to render those dreams in to reality...