Physical Education

Dr. Bhausaheb Upakhya Punjabrao Deshmukh's special focus on physical education and good health along with education and through it some important steps taken by him in the field of sports and physical education has been an inspiration for our department. Was performed. The Department of Physical Education and Sports is always working with the aim of giving good health to everyone. We are committed and striving to create an intelligent and better generation through physical education. The Department of Physical Education and Sports strives to make the society a better and cheaper citizen by collaborating to create a physically healthy and mentally healthy generation for the society. Our aim is to impart good sports training to all the college students through various indoor and outdoor sports and through them to give them good health as well as job creation. For the same, various certificate courses on Yoga and Meditation and training camps on various sports like Softball, Cricket, Badminton, Ball, Badminton, Table, Tennis, Kabaddi are provided free of cost in the colleges through which the players carry on our college tradition of winning medals not for college but for our state and country. Of course, the college has updated various indoor and outdoor sports grounds through which the students will get the right direction to practice. The college also provides free training in various sports for the convenience of the students and also conducts separate training camps mainly for women. To encourage the players, the college always strives to strengthen its ties through various programs through which all the players who have excelled in various fields on the day of Youth Day on 12th January are honored by their parents at the college. Inspires and wishes them well for the future. For better performance, the sports department of the college provides all kinds of up-to-date sports equipment, best sports facilities, free kits, free training facilities to the players. The Sports department makes sure that all the latest and top of the line equipment are made available for all the indoor as well as outdoor game. For indoor games there is a provision for one Badminton courts, Table Tennis Hall, Hall for Chess, Carom and Yoga Hall. The Department of Sports organizes events at National/ State/ Inter-collegiate level all around the year. It is a matter of pride that we have a glorious past of having outstanding achievements in game and sports and continuing with this, with great spirit & potential the students still participated in various International/ National & State Level competitions in Cultural as well as Games and Sports and grabbed Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals as well as around 12 to 15 University Colour Coats every year. For the holistic development of students department makes all possible efforts so that students can participate in various Cultural activities. Since the last few years, under the guidance of Management of shi Shivaji education society Amravati , a great event ‘kridamohtsaw’ is being organized to encourage non-sports person to participate in the various games & sports. Efforts are also made to make the traditional games such as Langadi, Lemon & Spoon, Tug of War, Sac race etc. popular through this carnival. Participation of teachers makes this event more splendid.


To become A great global organization that builds a generation of physically fit, mentally strong and socially conscious students along with great players.


It is our mission to facilitate the development of balanced human being who has the wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.

To achieve the mission the college provides:

Excellent infrastructure to experience a healthy academic atmosphere, highly qualified and talented faculty to impart practical and theoretical knowledge effectively. Unique programmes and opportunities for the students to explore their potential.


• To work for the all-round development of the students through Game and Sports.

• To provide maximum possible facilities to the sports person to uplift their skills and performance.

• Towork for the develop the attitude of team work among the students

• To work for the develop sportsman spirit among the students

• to encourage firls to participate in various sports activities

• towork for the give the knowledge of games to students

• To work for the make the students aware about the scope of the sports

• to develop the vision of the students for the practical knowledge of games

• To inspire and guide the students for the all round development of their personality.

• To develop National integration

• To promote mass-participation in Physical Education and Sports

• To provide community services in the field of Physical Education and Sports.

• To provide incentives to outstanding sports persons by felicitating them with tracksuits, memento, certificate and cash incentives.

• To organize sports tournaments at different level to develop sports culture in the college.

• To provide assistance to discipline committee to maintain the discipline in the college campus.

To Motivate Sport Persons to contribute their mite and resource for social outreach. Motivation plays a vital role in excelling the performance in every field. Our players and artists are also motivated and inspired by providing all the facilities required for uplifting the performance of our players.Our Department provides several kinds of incentives to our players. Some of them are given below:-

• Fees concession and preference in the admission to the players.

• Special academic guidance is provided with the help of College Staff to the needy players.

• Free ground facilities are made available to the college players for practice with the help of M.O.U. with different Clubs, Colleges and District Sport Office.

• Free coaching facilities are regularly made available to the players with the help of different Coaches and Clubs.

• Department provides first aid facilities to the players and other students.

• The College felicitates all the Color holders and outstanding players and Artists of the college on “Yuva Din” 12 January every year.

• The Department provides various Sports related books and magazines to the players to read in the Departmental Library during College Hours.

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities:

• Inter Collegiate basketball Championship

• hand ball tournament in collaboration with Amravati District hand ball Association

• Online Quiz on Sports

• Skill Development Programme

• Physical Efficiency test

• national Sports Day

• International yoga day

• Coaching camp of various game


• Degree College of Physical Education, Amravati

• Shri. Shivaji College of Physical Education, Amravati

• District sports office Amravati

• Department of physical education and sports G.V.I.S.H Amravati

• District hand ball association Amravati

• District ball badminton association Amravati

• District softball association Amravati

• District spectra association Amravati

Future Plans:

• To work for the all-round development of the students through Games and Sports.

• To work for the promotion of Games and Sports in the College

• Provide maximum possible facilities to the sports persons to uplift their skills and performance.

• Preparation of college own sports infrastructure with the help of Management and government funding.

• To Hunt, Adopt and facilitate budding talents from different walks of life and nurtured and prepare them for the highest level of competition on college cost.

• Create sporting and healthy atmosphere in the college campus to increase the performance of our players to touch the new heights in the arena of Games and Sports.

• Provide more incentives to outstanding sports persons by felicitating them with incentives etc.

• Organization of sports tournaments at different levels to develop sports culture in the college.

• Provide talent to the nation and help the government for Nation Building through sports.